Monday, March 28, 2011

Microsoft Offered Updated Office 365 Beta Service Descriptions on 3/21/2011

The Microsoft Download Service offered the following *.docx files for download on 3/21/2011 with no fanfare:

These documents provide a detailed description of the features and functionality of Office 365 services currently in beta.

File Name: Size: Download
Microsoft_Exchange_Online_Beta_Service_Description.docx 2.1MB Download
Microsoft_Lync_Online__Beta_Service_Description_Final.docx 137KB Download
Microsoft_Office_Professional_Plus_Beta_Service_Description_Final.docx 924KB Download
Microsoft_Office_Web_Apps_Beta_Service_Description_Final.docx 185KB Download
Microsoft_SharePoint_Online_Standard_Beta_Service_Description_Final_ Mar2011-update.docx 2.5MB Download
Office 365 Beta Enterprise Support Service Description_Final.docx 385KB Download
Office_365_Beta_Identity_Service_Description_final.docx 335KB Download
Office_365_Security_Service_Description_Final.docx 550KB


imageOf course, what most folks want is details of the “features and functionality of Office 365 services” to be in the released product.

According to the “Microsoft SharePoint Online Beta Service Description” document, Access Services will be available in the following User Subscriptions:

  • image For Small Businesses SharePoint Online in Plan P1
  • For Information Workers SharePoint Online Plan 2 in E3/E4

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