Friday, October 8, 2010

Vote for More Secure ADO 2.x Connections to SQL Azure in Access 2010

Patrick Wood wrote: 

imageLet's Vote to get Microsoft Access ADO 2.x Connections to SQL Azure on the SQL Azure Feature Voting Forum ! ODBC linked tables are a security risk and we need ADO features!

image This will enable more secure connections to SQL Azure and provide additional functionality. ODBC linked tables and queries expose your entire connection string including your server, username, and password.

I agreed and added three votes.

You can add your vote(s) for this feature by clicking here.

Note: Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth’s Chapter 28, “Upsizing Access Applications to Access Data Projects and SQL Azure,” includes step-by-step instructions for linking to SQL Azure databases with ODBC.

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  1. I greatly appreciate your support for this feature. I have written a post about it on my blog

    Best Regards,
    Patrick Wood