Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Marshall Wright Commends Office 2010

Marshall Wright posted Office 2010 – The First new version worth getting in a decade! on 10/19/2010:

Microsoft just released Microsoft Office 2010.  Unlike the last release of Microsoft Office, Office 2007 whose claim to fame was changing the user interface and confusing people, Office 2010 builds on the previous version and adds many features.  Outlook includes new organizational tools and direct links to social media web sites like LinkedIn.  Word and Excel now include links to FREE document storage at Microsoft.  This free service may be used for document collaboration that may have profound effects on how business is conducted.  PowerPoint improves through the addition of a graphics editor and the ability to publish presentations for sharing directly to the Internet.  Click here for more details on these and other new features.

I agree with Marshall, but am surprised he didn’t mention improvements to Microsoft Access 2010, such as Web Databases and connectivity to SQL Azure, as well as other Professional Edition programs and features. Maybe he doesn’t have Office 2010 Pro.

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