Monday, July 19, 2010

Northwind 2010 Web Database Is Now Available

Ryan McMinn's Northwind 2010 Web Database is now available post of 7/19/2010 provides additional details about this new template:

We're excited to announce that a longstanding Access tradition continues. A new version of the Northwind sample database has just been released. The best way to get to the template is to start up Access 2010, under Templates, click on Sample Templates, and then click on Northwind Web Database.

You can also get the template here: Northwind Web Database

As before, Northwind shows you what an Inventory/Orders system might look like for a mail order dry goods company. For this version, we brought forward all the functionality introduced in the 2007 release, while transitioning Northwind to a web database.

image The result is a database that shows off a bunch of interesting web database concepts, like using data macros to maintain inventory levels and aggregates.

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