Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Access 2010 Tips and Video for SharePoint "Hybrid" Apps

Ryan McMinn's Access Junkie has 70+ tips for Access 2010 post of 7/21/2010 reports:

Jeff Conrad, our resident "Access Junkie" on the test team, has updated his website to include lots of information concerning Access 2010 and Access Services. He has added new MSDN article links, Access blog links, Access online forum links, and a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on Access 2010.

You can find Jeff's website at the following location:

Jeff's new Access 2010 FAQ page has answers to over 70 common questions concerning Access 2010. Many of these FAQ pages include screenshots and helpful tips to help guide you through issues you might be encountering with Access 2010 and Access Services.

You can find Jeff's new FAQ page on Access 2010 topics at the following location:

Ryan's The Access Show: Developing Access 2010 Hybrid Apps with Dick Moffat post of 7/20/2010 includes an embedded video clip:

Dick Moffat is a professional Access developer who has been using Access 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 to build databases that run on Windows but live in SharePoint. We have a chat about how you can leverage your existing Access skills and bring your current databases into SharePoint to make sharing databases and working with users in remote locations fast & easy.

If you are building something cool with Access/Access Services we would love to feature you on The Access Show.

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