Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Look at Office 365 Pro Plus Preview with Access 2013

Previews of multiple preview versions of Office 365 became available for download on July 16, 2012. I installed Office 365 Pro Plus’s online version only on Windows 8 Release Preview (Build 8400) as a starter. Here’s my desktop after the about 30-minute installation:

1 - Office365PreviewDesktop

Clicking the Access 2013 tile opens the start window:

2 - Access2013PreviewStart

Notice that Access Custom Web Apps appear to have replaced Access Web Databases.

Clicking the Blank Desktop Database button proposes to create a new Table1:

3 - Access2013PreviewCreateTable

Following is a completed table in Table Design view:

4 - Access2013PreviewTableDesign

More follows after I find out more about Access 2013 Custom Web Apps. The link to the topic is broken (see below).

New Access 2013 Application Architecture

From the What's new for Access 2013 developers document:


I’m glad to see a more direct connection to SQL Server than SharePoint lists, but the use of SOAP Web services flies in the face of the trend to RESTful approaches. There’s no mention of VBA programmability that I can find in the resources below. Macros are back in full force.


Following is Microsoft documentation related to Access 2013 as of 7/16/2012:

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