Friday, August 5, 2011

Office 365 Video: Updating an Access database using SharePoint Online

Chris from the Microsoft SharePoint Content Team posted Office 365 Video: Updating an Access database using SharePoint Online to the SharePoint for End Users blog on 8/2/2011:

Are you a Microsoft Access 2010 user? With Microsoft Office 365, you can use your Windows 7 smartphone to read and update a team database remotely.

Important: The services and features that this video shows depend on several factors, such as the Microsoft Office 365 plan purchase agreement, licenses that might be assigned to each user, and specific user permissions. If your experience is different from the experience shown in the video, see your site administrator.

Prerequisites: This scenario requires Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises with Enterprise Services enabled; Microsoft Access on a single client computer.

To learn more about Access and SharePoint, check out the topics below:

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For my detailed Webcasts about upsizing Access *.accdb databases to Web Databases that run with the version of SharePoint Online that comes with the US$6.00/month version of Microsoft Office 365 online, read Learn How To Create Access Web Databases with Office 365’s SharePoint Online from my Latest Webcast of 5/27/2011.

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  1. Thanks for the articles. I have been developing in Access for many years. I'm getting more and more enquiries about Sharepoint and this information is invaluable.

    Paul Harrold Microsoft Access developer