Monday, December 20, 2010

Keyboard Shortcut and Accelerator Key Combinations Aid Readers with Disabilities

A few days ago, I received a message from a blind reader about Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth’s Safari edition:

    • Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth
    • Keyboard Shortcuts in Access 2010         
    • Thank you for using keyboard shortcuts in your book. As a blind database developer, it is refreshing to read a book where I can go right to work instead of trying to figure out the keyboard shortcuts on my own because the book was written with only mouse users in mind. I use speech output and a Braille display to work with Access and your book will definitely make my databases easier to build and design. Thank you!

Here’s an example of shortcut key codes from the book’s Chapter 3, “Navigating the Fluent User Interface:”




















Most step-by-step examples also include shortcut and accelerator key combinations.

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  1. Nice list. I'm sure this will help me. I kind of wish that Access worked more like SSMS, ctrl + R / F5.