Friday, August 13, 2010

“Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth” Rough Cut from Safari Books Online

You can get a free 10-day “sneak peek” at 100 pages of the completed chapters of Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth from Safari Books Online. Here’s how:

  1. Open the main Safari Books Online landing page.
  2. Type roger jennings in the Search Content on Safari Books Online text box and click Go.
  3. Scroll to the Microsoft Access 2010 In Depth item, which opens an introductory dialog for the book.image
  4. Click the Table of Contents link:image
  5. Scroll to the chapter you want to read. The first chapter available was 4 when this post was written:image
  6. Select other chapters to read. The last chapter edited was 29 when this post was written. You also can read the two Appendices:image
  7. Here’s all the text of a chapter that you can read without signing up for a free 10-day or 100-page trial:image
  8. Click the  Try Safari Now button to start your 10-day or 100-page free trial.


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